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Cale Fisher

Project Manager Assistant, Happy Gilmore

Cale Fisher joins the DSS team with an eclectic background in various industries, making him a unique asset to our Project Managers, and ultimately to our clients. His work ethic has earned him high accolades and an impressive career trajectory. From humble beginnings working in the trenches, to managing a team of 5, Cale knows what it takes to reach his own goals while supporting others in doing the same. He brings a high level of organization and efficiency to our office, not to mention dependability.

There’s no time to rest once he goes home, though. He and his wife Kaitlyn are too busy chasing after Leiton, their very active 2nd grader, and Emmie their dog who never tires of walks. Cale has a talent for woodworking, enjoys playing golf, and loves being outdoors no matter the weather. And that bodes well for him, considering he lives in Ohio!