Each project is customized to Your Particular Needs 

We know each project has a unique scope, length, depth, reach, and cost. Our diverse experience and connections within the industry gives us an uncommon eye for details often overlooked, dependable quality, all with a focus on quick, accurate turnaround.

Detailed Steel Solutions offers comprehensive steel detailing and connection engineering services, fabricator estimation, and consulting services to a wide array of clientele, including fabricators, general contractors,

and structural engineering firms.

Our services fall into two main opportunities of Pre-Construction services and Post-Award services.

Fabricator Estimodeling Services

Fabricator Estimodeling Services

  • Design review and Verification

  • Material Availability Verification

  • Connection Selection Assistance

  • Estimodeling to aid clients in bidding their work / GMP Verification

Steel Detailing and Connection Engineering

Steel Detailing and Connection Engineering

  • ABM Generation

  • 3D Modeling and Connection generation.

  • Structural Connection Engineering.

  • Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

  • Bolt Lists and Purchase Lists

  • CNC (Nc1) fabrication production files, production software files, and 2-D detailed shop drawings and erection sheets.