Pramod Mishra

Director of Detailed Steel Solutions Pvt. Ltd.; Fitness Freak

Nothing surpasses hands-on real-world experience when learning the nuances of an industry. And when you’ve worked in the trenches, from the ground up, learned through real projects, real management, and overcoming real obstacles, you get the very cool designation of: Techno Commercial Management Professional. Enter Pramod Mishra.

His roles in the structural steel detailing field include project management, technical team building, training, recruitment, human resources, integration of acquisitions, administration, and profit center management. His immersion in all facets of the industry since 2005 has not only developed his insight and expertise in the above areas, but also within an organization’s development phase. He has been an integral part in the success of Detailed Steel Solutions.

It's good that he’s so creative and organized – he has two kids keeping him very busy outside of work. Pramod loves to visit historical places around the world, and when he’s not traveling, you’ll find him doing yoga, playing chess, and focusing on fitness.